Born in Miranda de Ebro, Burgos, Gonzalo del Val began his musical studies at the young age of 7 years old at “The Municipal Conservatorium of Miranda of Ebro”. Then relocated to Madrid where he studied drums with Guillermo McGill and composition-arrangements with Ramón Paus for two years.
Later on, he received a scholarship to study at Conservatori del Liceu in Barcelona, where he obtained a “Bachelors Degree in Battery-Jazz” under the direction of musician Marc Miralta.

Gonzalo del Val’s final thesis; entitled “Seis Cuentos Musicales” received the highest marks of excellence. His work based on original compositions was inspired by the work of French filmmaker Eric Rohmer.

He has also studied at Conservatori del Liceu in Barcelona under talented teachers such us Aldo Caviglia and renowned American drummer, Ed Soph.

In 2009 Gonzalo was awarded a “Youth Excellence” scholarship to study at the prestigious “Manhattan School of Music in New York”, under the instruction of Professor John Riley. While studying in New York, Gonzalo also received classes under the instruction of drummer Adam Nussbaum.

That same year, French magazine “SOJAZZ” included a review of Gonzalo’s album in a section esteeming his talent as “… one of the Best representatives of the Spanish contemporary scene …”
He was furthermore nominated in the category of “Best New Proposal” of 2009 by the prestigious magazine “JAÇ” (Barcelona).
In December 2011, Gonzalo del Val merited the cover of one of the most important Jazz magazines, “All About Jazz”. Inside this prestigious edition published in New York, “All About Jazz” dedicates an extensive critique praising the work of this Spanish drummer.
Moreover, the following year Gonzalo was also nominated for “BEST NEW PROPOSAL” by Barcelona’s “JAÇ Magazine” and was chosen for “Best Jazz Album” of 2011 by “”.

Throughout previous years, he has also had an active relationship inside the world of teaching, where as a professor he taught at several schools including “Conservatorio Pablo Sarasate” located in Pamplona, “L´AULA de Música Moderna y Jazz Conservatori del Liceu” (member of “The Berklee School of Music” located in Boston – Berklee International Network-), “Taller de Músics” (Superior Music School in Barcelona – ESEM) and at “Conservatori Superior de Música del Liceu”.

From 2013 to 2015, Gonzalo del Val also taught as an Academic Director at “L’AULA Moderna i Jazz Music Conservatori Liceu” also located in Barcelona, Spain (Berklee).

From 2016 to 2019 he moved to Dublin, where he developed his musical career playing with some of the most important musicians of the Irish jazz scene.

In June 2019 he was appointed Head of  Jazz and Modern Music Department of the Conservatori Superior del Liceu de Barcelona.

As a percussionist during the season of 2003-04, he additionally performed at “The Apollo Theatre” in Madrid in both musicals “Annie” and “La Cage aux Folles”, under the direction of Cesar Belda. During the Gospell Rajadell Festival in 2007, Gonzalo del Val chaperoned two brilliant figures of Gospel; Bazil Meade (director of “London Community Gospel Choir”) and Didier Likeng, a brilliant prestigious director from Cameroon.

As a Big-Band drummer at Conservatori Liceu, Gonzalo has also performed within auditoriums and theatre highlights throughout Barcelona including “Palau de la Música Catalana” and the “Gran Teatre del Liceo Auditorium of Music”.

In April 2007 he participated as a drummer in the premiere play “Transformacions” by Joan Albert Amargós, a symphony orchestra and Big-band program carefully coordinated by the “Gran Teatre del Liceo”.

His last album was recorded in Dublin with one of the most important contemporary saxophonists in the world; DAVE LIEBMAN. He has also recorded more than 40 albums as Sideman with one of the most relevant national and international jazz groups.

Gonzalo de Val currently collaborates within Spanish jazz scene musicians such as ‘Jon Robles’, ‘Dani Perez’, ‘Victor de Diego’, ‘David Mengual’, ‘Jordi Bonell’, ‘Albert Bover’, ‘Jordi Gaspar’, ‘Marc Miralta’, ‘Raynald Colom’, ‘Elisabet Raspall’, ‘Ramon Escalé’, ‘Mikel Andueza’, ‘Iñaki Sandoval’, ‘Joan Chamorro’, ‘Rai Ferrer’, ‘Horacio Fumero’, ‘Matthew Simon’, ‘Gonzalo Tejada’, ‘Iñaki Askunze’, ‘Giulia Valle’, ‘Iñaki Salvador’, ‘Josep Maria Farrás’, ‘Roger Mas’ and with other international artists such as ‘Dave Liebman’, ‘Christian Scott’, ‘Bill McHenry’, ‘Stéphane Belmondo’, ‘Pierre de Bethmann’, ‘Anders Bergcrantz’, ‘Chris Kase’, ‘Ronan Guilfoyle’, ‘Richard Sears’, Richie Buckley‘Romain Pilon’, Jim Doherty‘JP Balcazar’, ‘Demian Cabaud’, ‘André Matos’, ‘André Fernandes’, ‘Leo Genovese’, ‘David Borgo’, ‘Coco Fernández’ and ‘Stefan Graser’

He has also participated in variety of numerous jazz formations; Victor de Diego Q, David Mengual Group, Marc Miralta Vibráfon Q, Jon Robles Trío, Jordi Bonell Q, Horacio Fumero Cuarteto, Mikel Andueza & Dani Pérez Q, Raynald Colom Trio, Iñaki Askunze Sextet, Sergio Pámies+Antonio Serrano Grupo, Iñaki Sandoval Trío, Gospel Messengers, Big-Band del Conservatori Liceu, Two Tenors Q, Ramón Escalé Trío, De Diego Brothers, Luis Giménez Q, Albert Marqués+Jordi Bonell Q, Rocío Faks Q, Nico Sánchez Q, Sabina Witt & J. Pablo Balcázar Project, Aguaribay Jazz Septet, Mauro Urriza Project, Mikel Andueza Sextet

Gonzalo del Val has played in festivals nationally and internationally alongside:


  • Scholarship “Excellents Youngs 2009” Manhattan School of Music (New York)

  • Scholarship AIE “High Specialization 2017-18” Composition in Dublin.     (LINK)

  • Album of the Year 2016 (Babelia- El País) with “Gonzalo del Val Trío”

  • Album of the Year 2015 (Babelia- El País) with “Mikel Andueza Sextet”

  • Album of the Year 2015 (Enderrock) with “Gabriel Amargant Quintet”

  • Album of the Year 2010 with “Víctor de Diego Q.”

  • Album of the Year 2011 with “Miguel Fernández Quintet”

  • Album of the Year 2010 (Premios BBK) with “Víctor de Diego Q.”

  • Colombia Best Album 2010 with “Nico Sánchez Q.”

  • 3rd Best Album 2008 (Granada Jazz Magazine) with “Sergio Pámies”

  • Nominated for “Best New Jazz Proposal” 2011 with “Gonzalo del Val Trío”

  • Nominated for a “Best New Jazz Proposal” 2009 with “Gonzalo del Val Project”

  • Nominated for “Best New Jazz Proposal” 2008 with “Sergio Pámies, Entre amigos”

  • Selected by for L´Hora del Jazz’ Festival 2020 with “Gonzalo del Val Q.”

  • Selected by ‘SGAE Foundation’ for JazzEñe Festival 2018 with “Gonzalo del Val Trío”   (LINK)

  • Selected ‘The Social Foundation of Caja Burgos’ (CREA2008) for the creation of his CD “Seis Cuentos Musicales”

  • Selected for “Circuit Ressons Jazz 2009” with Víctor de Diego Quartet

  • Selected for “Circuit Ressons Jazz 2011” with Albert Marqués + Jordi Bonell Quartet

  • Selected for “Circuit Ressons Jazz 2011” with Marc Miralta Vibes Quartet

  • Selected for “AIE en RUTA-Jazz 2014” with Víctor de Diego Trío

  • Selected for “Artistas en Ruta 1999” with Benito Malasangre.

  • 2nd Award “Audiciones 2007” Fundación Canal Madrid with “Tejedor + Serrano Project”

Gonzalo del Val has additionally offered various ‘Master-Classes’ as a Jazz drummer;