“…‘Gonzalo del Val’, is not only a good drummer but he also is a great composer, who has written very interesting compositions in collaboration with ‘Eric Rohmer Tormo’ … I love that very light “beat”, almost aerial, which has so much swing…”
Juan Claudio Cifuentes “Cifu”
RADIO 3 (Spain´s National Radio)


“…The orchestral machinery worked without a hitch, Thanks to a special mention of the excellent drummer ‘Gonzalo del Val’…”
Karles Torra


“…Not surprisingly, ‘del Val’ is one of the most delicately precise ‘Barcelones’ jazz drummers, he is a percussionist who has worked in the service of respected and esteemed musicians such as ‘Victor de Diego’, ‘Marc Miralta’, ‘Jordi Bonell’ and ‘Horacio Fumero’…”
JAMBOREE (Barcelona Jazz Club)


“…This smart drummer has played in the best groups in Madrid and Barcelona, Gonzalo shows have swing, taste and it’s “safe to say”  that Gonzalo is becoming one of the best representatives of the contemporary Spanish scene…”
Bruno Guermonprez


“… A drummer one should not lose sight of …”
Martí Farré
JAÇ MAGAZINE (Barcelona)


“… Val is one of the new and young promises in the drumming scene and it has to be taken into account that in the upcoming years on the national scene, Gonzalo’s worth is perceptible because of his form and because of his use of tempo and how it compliments his companions, a true find”


“Gonzalo del Val is much sought after and has been awarded numerous times within recent years as a drummer, he is not a man who brags about his talent but it can especially be felt during times when the lead has left the trio alone. His work was impeccable”


“… Expert drummer ‘Gonzalo del Val’ has had many recordings as a sideman and behind the best of national jazz, he has reaffirmed he is a complete musician and an ambitious leader who has much to contribute to Spanish jazz….”
Antonio Pamies


“… The surprise I had while listening to ‘Gonzalo del Val’ was constantly amazing in my opinion. Gonzalo is immeasurable because of his constancy and creativity and I cannot stop looking forward to his Arabian drum combinations and impressive techniques …”
Miquel Tuset


Gonzalo del Val “assesses himself” in this record “Jazz without surnames” … and comes out “cum laude”


“…One must emphasize the perplexity and versatility of  Gonzalo del Val …”
Eduardo G. Salueña
Newspaper “LA NUEVA ESPAÑA” (Gijón/Spain)


“… As an excellent percussionist ‘Gonzalo de Val’ is a drummer who does not claim visual attention but is infallible …”
Juán Jesús García
Newspaper IDEAL (Granada/Spain)


Pachi Tapiz: “Which names, movements, both inside and outside of our country should be highlighted?”
Alex García:
 “As far as names go, I would find it very difficult, I think his level is very high in terms of musicians and there are many I’m passionate about including: ‘Perico Sambeat’, ‘Abe Rábade’, ‘Moses P. Sanchez’, ‘Marco Mezquida’, ‘Gonzalo del Val’, ‘Fabio Miano’, ‘Victor de Diego’, ‘Baldo Martinez’, ‘Marc Miralta’, ‘David Mengual’ and Raynald Colom …

Álex García


“Now that the year is coming to an end, I can say that ‘Three Generations’ will be one of the albums of ‘2011’ to take into account and that ‘Gonzalo del Val’ is one of the most serious and solid drummers currently on the Spanish jazz scene.”
José Manuel Pérez Rey


“His new work not only confirms the preciseness of his technique but moreover his understated elegance and delicacy to detail; It also honors the original composer and tireless researchers who continue to scrutinize the past without ceasing to look forward”
Óscar G. San Luis (Spain)


“Gonzalo del Val’s Trio albeit a bit far from the ‘Trio of ‘Bill Evans’ or ‘Keith Jarrett’, retains more character from the Spanish style … “
José Duarte


“A massive drummer in full creativity on stage, which has done a good job since chromatics, a work which, together with other talent, has made the link whole”
Miquel Bricullé


“… Jazz has an envious vigor among a number of high-level musicians. Among them, we find ‘Gonzalo del Val’, a modern drummer that firmly conducts freely flowing with his trio. “
Enrique Farelo


“… The talent which flows from a juvenescence which does not neglect knowledge has a gifted sound of its own identity which is capable of moving forward without stopping to drink from the vast tradition he carries on his shoulders which has helped him grow.”
Gustavo Adolfo Bustamante


“… The creative richness carried by the names of ‘Roger Mas’ and drummer ‘Gonzalo del Val’, musicians from another generation, provided a more chromatic and constant way.”
Miquel Bricullé


“Two heavyweights among our jazz are double-bass  player ‘Jordi Gaspar’ and drummer ‘Gonzalo del Val’ which complete this formation.”
Josep Ramón Jové


“…With a touch of ‘exquisite’ and ‘anarchic’, ‘Gonzalo del Val’ is to Elvin Jones.”
Jesús Santana


“Gonzalo del Val was sublime in bringing rhythmic instrumentality into complete perfection and he demonstrated this great potential in his solos.”
Miquel Tuset


“‘G. del Val is an excellent drummer but also goes one step further. Not only does he have great technique but he also has an impressive sense of rhythm and from this space, he creates sounds which are capable of transmitting a rhythmic foundation on which the gears move without any cracks, as if it could be no other way…”
José Juan Pamblanco


“…On the drums, a magnificent percussionist who also makes his own records, like the last magnificent project surrounding the music of ‘Steve Swallow’; Gonzalo del Val “
Juan Claudio Cifuentes “CIFU”


“…Gonzalo del Val was outstanding. Versatile, respectful, delicate yet subtle …  adding  power with drive, creative on his own and with his companions. The truth is that in his solo “Just One Of Those Things” he made me think about how well he constructed his solos; How he begins smoothly with rhythms which move in crescendo tensely upwards only to dissolve. “
Álex García


Gonzalo del Val, again gave a lesson of how jazz drumming can have swing with a sense of rhythm, technique, elegance and without fanfare touch. His solo was the best we have seen in percussion in a while
José Juan Pamblanco


“The record is an important step inside of the musical evolution of one of the best jazz musicians inside of our musical scene.”


“… Two of the most active figures in their instruments on the Spanish jazz scene are pianist Marco Mezquida and drummer Gonzalo del Val.”
Pachi Tapiz (TOMAJAZZ.COM)


“… And then there is young drummer ‘Gonzalo del Val’, who on his first visit to our city left us with a good taste in our mouths, wanting to test it again”
Jesús Moreno (Newspaper “El Alto Aragón”/Spain)


“… The phenomenal drumming of ‘Del Val’.”
Amador Ocón (Castejón Jazz Festival/Spain)


“…With a luxury cast they militate much of the cream of the scene, Adriá Plana, Marco Mezquida, Miguel Serna and Gonzalo del Val.”
Terrassa Jazz Festival (Barcelona)


“… In the hands of two of the best national instrumental musicians are double bassist ‘Jordi Gaspar’ and ‘Gonzalo del Val’ on drums”
Jazz Recordings.COM


“The drumming of ‘Gonzalo del Val’ exudes swing with precision, imagination and effectiveness. It has an inexhaustible repertoire full of rhythmic effects and colorful resources. Live, his playing is fast-paced yet relaxed, rupturing into landslides, Latin rhythms and ethnic backgrounds while highlighting some things superb in his work, I would stick with ‘Lazy Bird’ and make tempo changes to ‘Just One of Those Things’.”
Francisco Gestal (Newspaper – LINK


“Gonzalo de Val specifically emphasized his specialty on drums, with superb solos that sometimes descended into tones of silence, beating the drumsticks on the edges of the drums, only to suddenly change the pace and redirect the subject back to their original chords. That was the most fun, the way the other two musicians were brought on the track to kick-start this live musical bandwagon.”
Diego Marín (Newspaper – LINK


A perfectly assembled trio that combines veteran, ‘Jordi Gaspar’ with one of the most talked about young musicians in recent years, the drumming of Miranda de Ebro, Gonzalo del Val”
Jesus Moreno (Newspaper Alto Aragón)


“For me this album (Gonzalo del Val Trío, Koine) is one of the albums of the year”
Andreu Fábregas (Camps Cotó Radio / Barcelona)


The confirmation of talented Spanish drummer, Gonzalo del Val”
JAZZ NEWS Magazine (France)


“…the trio of Gonzalo del Val has been set in recent years, little by little, sotto voce, in an authentic trio”
Carlos Pérez Cruz (El Club de Jazz)


“..the trio of Gonzalo del Val is not a trio to use. It is a luxury. Pure sophistication. Gonzalo a drummer with own universe … without any doubt, the jazz trio Peninsular”
Jesús Moreno (El Alto Aragón Newspaper)


“Gonzalo del Val, one of the best drummers in Spain, makes an impeccable job.”
Jesús Mateu Rosselló (Tomajazz)


“Gonzalo del Val, Marco Mezquida and David Mengual form, as we saw in his magnificent concert at Bogui Jazz Club, one of the best trios in the national jazz scene”
Bogui Jazz Club (Madrid)


“The trio could be called quietly as a supergroup…speaking of three musicians to take off the hat: Marco Mezquida (piano) David Mengual (bass) and leader training, Gonzalo del Val (drums). The album: Koiné “
Jesús Mateu Rosselló (Tomajazz)


“The drummer, from Miranda de Ebro, Gonzalo del Val. Possibly the finest and most elegant drummer of the national jazz”
Aragón Newspaper


The great Catalan drummer Gonzalo del Val…has produced a number of acclaimed albums, his latest Koiné featuring on several ‘best of’ lists in his native Spain, last year.”
Bray Jazz Festival (Ireland)     (LINK)


“In addition to this work of Three Generations, Gonzalo de Val had a great recognition as a musician and the same harvested very good reviews, which somehow served the drummer to retire as a musician and without a doubt to consolidate as one of the best spanish drummers”
Joan Carles Abelenda (JAZZ Recordings Blog)     (LINK)


“I come here to talk about Gonzalo del Val, he is from Miranda, I know him, I have his records and he seems to me a great percussionist”     (2)
Juan Claudio Cifuentes – Cifu


GONZALO DEL VAL TRIO I think it’s one of the most powerful jazz groups in the current jazz scene made in Spain: three absolute musicians: Gonzalo del Val, Marco Mezquida and David Mengual …”
José Juan Pamblanco (     (LINK)


“…he is one of our strongest current values in the stimulating jazz scene made in this country.” 
Mario Benso (El callejón del Jazz)     (LINK)


“Gonzalo del Val, considered one of the best drummers in the current music scene…” 
SEGRE  Newspaper   (LINK)


“…his faculties and his enormous capacity to navigate all kinds of  sounds. In recent years he has achieved his own sound marked by his condition as drummer and as a leader …” 
SEGRE  Newspaper   (LINK)


“Don’t miss this chance to see a real poet of the drum set up close.” 
Cormac Larkin IRISH TIMES


“Gonzalo del Val has become for me in one of the benchmarks of the percussion of this country.”


“…musicians like Gonzalo, are the present and the future of jazz…” 
Miguel Almada IMPRONTA DEL JAZZ RADIO – Argentina


“…Mengual, Mezquida and del Val are the three most demanded musicians on the current Spanish jazz scene, for their instrumental mastery and versatility.” 


“…No doubt, CANCIONERO should be among the most outstanding and interesting contributions published lately.” 




“…One of these excellent jazz albums from our scene of 2020 is the excellent CANCIONERO by Gonzalo del Val for Fresh Sound New Talent … A truly luxurious line-up …” 


“…Del Val, Mezquida and Mengual, three monuments of contemporary jazz music, accompanied by the brilliant Benet Palet. Big names on the music scene. PERFECT DISC” 


“…Gonzalo del Val the drummer who I understand is one of the greats of our jazz scene” 
Ramón García TABERNA DE JAZZ Radio


“…A grand, original, intense, expressive album. World class level” 
Enrique Helguera RADIO 3 (


“This brilliant Spanish drummer leads a trio that perform honorable, if not wildly creative adaptations …” 
Étienne Dorsay JAZZ MAGAZINE (France)


“This album shows lyricism and sincerity…Great album! Bravo!” 


“..the brilliant musician, as well as magnificent arranger Gonzalo del Val. Gonzalo’s trio already has its own entity with a sufficiently established and consolidated vital dynamic … it is more a group project than a leader” 


“…for us, “Cancionero” by Gonzalo del Val is one of the best jazz albums of the 2020″
Pere Pons RADIO 4 – rtve     (LINK)


Gonzalo del Val one of the best drummer on the jazz national scene, with international activity and very interesting albums…
Javier del Barco AHORA JAZZ RADIO – Canal Extremadura     (LINK)


“No doubts, Del Val is one of the best drummers on the Spanish jazz scene, having a very interesting and attractive discography that fans should not ignore…


“One of the most acclaimed Spanish musicians in recent times is the drummer Gonzalo del Val…


“This year both cities will have the presence of some of the most important names of the moment, such as Ambrose Akinmusire (Saturday 20 in Barcelona, Sunday 21 in Madrid), Kenny Garrett (Thursday 18 in Madrid, Monday 22 in Barcelona) or, in the national jazz, Gonzalo del Val’s group with Benet Palet (Thursday 18 in Barcelona)
Yahvé M. de la Cavada EL PAIS –  (LINK)


“Last year, Gonzalo del Val trio released the album “Cancionero” on the Fresh Sound New Talent label, already considered one of the best of 2020 … the best of current jazz in Spain
Carlos Lara TOMAJAZZ –  (LINK)


“…Gonzalo del Val, without a doubt one of the most serious and solid drummers on the Spanish jazz scene… a highly sought-after drummer on the music scene..
Ani del Rio ONDA JAZZ Radio  –  (LINK)